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From stockholm, we took a viking line cruise to helsinki. It wasn't expensive, less than rm400 per person 2 ways with bed. The smogasbord buffet dinner was 275 crowns. After conversion, i still think it's value for money compared to the rm98 buka puasa buffet in malaysia. My oppinion is probably swayed by the free flow of wine.

It was a nice picturesque cruise lasting 16 hours. Earlier we saw a bunch of girls at the reception registering their doggies. Thank god they arent french.

Land is always within view.

Upon docking, there's no passport control or customs, Europe is a wonderful playground for the "tiu fei kei" kakis. The finns are a much warmer lot compared to the swedes. I guess with more than 10 % of the population being immigrants, the swedish people aren't as receptive to foreigners.

Russian influenced church

Small small city helsinki is, all major tourist attractions can be covered by foot in half a day. Some stuff to try here are karjalan pies and fazer chocolate. Fazer is the most famous chocolate brand here, they even have a huge fazer cafe in the middle of the city.

Love walking along esplanadi boulevard, it's got charm.

Aleksanterinkatu (Thanks to Helsinki100 for pointing this out) - long shopping street surrounded by buildings on both sides and a tramway in the middle.

I'd come back to helsinki anytime over stockholm. Nothing to do with the girls being more friendly but sweden is too bland for my taste. From food to the people.

What does kimmi Raikkonnen dig when he was a child? Fancy some finnish fazers?

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