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Alas, pilmigrage done, i thank the travel deities for enlightment bestowed.

Our journey started when the wheels of the aircraft left the ground, leaving behind all cares and worries on the ground below. Despite pulling some strings, we remain in economy, thanks to overbooking on the seats ahead.

10 thousand kilometers and 11 hours later, we arrive to an airport resembling an ikea showroom. Surprise, surprise, there were only 12 of us in que for passport control, the rest were on transit to new york. No wonder they wanted to axe this route.

Stockholm is pretty laid back, with not many tourist attractions but don't underestimate the swedes. IMHO, the biggest attraction in sweden are the swedish girls. In the 10 over days in this city, i must have seen dozens of the most beautiful girls in my life. The swede complexion and facial structure gives them an angelic look. No wonder those hoaxy sounding alien abduction stories always involve the abductees being seduced by some scandinavian looking alien.

The heavens finally part to reveal a ray of light after days of gloominess

Here, the government cares for you more than your parents or bf/gf. Every child gets an allowance till 18. Singles get 1/3 of their housing loans subsidised. So don't get married, or better yet, get married and pop out as many kids as you can. Even those african refugees are treated equally and as expected, they abused the system to the max.

Drottningholm, residence of the swedish royal family

Nice pathway behind the royal residence

The next time an ambulance is spotted with siren screaming, don't assume granny is in need of medical attention, it could be a poodle or golden retriever. Dogs are covered by insurance and they have dedicated ambulances for their beloved doggies. Dogs here live better than some people in other parts of the world.

Stockholm is so annoyingly clean that somehow it makes you wonder whether the swedish people have obsessive compulsive disorder.

Cleanliness inspection: passed - Old town feel and look: failed

Back alley inspection: passed again - Verdict: Obsessive compulsive behaviour diagnosed

Still, the swedes are far from perfect. They are heavy drinkers and hardcore gamblers. Millions of crowns in prize money are offered and everyday, total winners, numbering hundreds are displayed to motivate and entice more gamblers. Laughed myself silly when saw the many hard up drinkers storm into the liquor store when it opens at 10am.

Is there such a thing?

Hardcore gamblers beware, don't get caught on the street, free publicity courtesy of the caring and nanny like swedish government

Clothes are not that expensive, from cheaper than malaysia to sky high, depending on brand and design.

Spotted in H&M. That's the size for swedish cows. Who are they kidding?

Other than swedish meatballs, i like their antigen mjuk brod(milk bread) toasted with butter. Salmon is fresh, had lots of it for nearly every meal, good good good. Other than that swedish cheese are tasteless, their pastry sucks and blah blah blah.

God has taken a bite, now every god fearing citizen must buy a loaf

Taking a walk through a swedish jungle. Didnt spot any deer or abominable swedish man

View of the city from fjalgattan

View from our apartment

Ali mamak also in stockholm

Well, we had our relaxing days in stockholm. Still i feel that something is missing. Stockholm is probably just too clean, orderly, civilised, unexciting and bland for me. It's an example of a perfect society that is just too difficult to get used to, coming from an imperfect part of the world.

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